Years ago, my sister dragged me to a tattoo parlour, to keep her company while she got a tattoo of a rose above, I think, her left breast. It’s a nice tattoo. Watching her get it done was both entertaining and a little horrifying. Pain. I get it. She was going to pay for me to get a tattoo as well, but I was on blood thinners at the time. So I got a rain check.

I’ve been thinking more of getting a tattoo lately but I couldn’t decide what I wanted done. Or where I wanted it done. I thought about getting a spider and a Web (representing the interconnectedness of everything) — a realistic one — but then thought about the potential for really freaky hallucinations in the future. A stylized spider doesn’t thrill me as much. Spent months browsing through tattoo artist flash sites. Nothing jumped out.

I think I know what I’d like to get now, though I still don’t know where I’d put it.

The Ace of Cups from the Deviant Moon Tarot.

I’m absolutely in love with it, with the colours in particular, but also with the art. I’m not at the point where I’m quite ready (or can afford) to get the tattoo, but when I am, that’s at the top of the list of choices. The idea of using a tarot image never occurred to me until I was browsing  Enchanted Oracle artist Jessica Galbreth’s site. She allows her work to be used for tattoos for a small fee, which I thought was very cool. I’m hoping Patrick is as well.

(Speaking of tattoos and tarot, the Tattoo Tarot is now on my wishlist. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a spare €110 lying around.)

So, here are my questions to you. Would you consider getting (or do you have) a tarot-themed tattoo? If so, what would (or did) you pick and why?