Was playing around with Sonia Choquette’s “Ask Your Guides” card deck the other night, riffling the deck to break it in and airing it out a little (the fumes from the varnish or sealant on the cards is enough to make you high). I’d decided to do a three card draw per Sonia’s spread suggestion. I’ll write down the details later (I’m not near the cards right now) but what was notable about it is that the first card seemed to want to jump out. I suspect it actually was a single-card drawing masqeurading as (or forced into) a three-card spread. In any case, the card clammoring for attention was “Self Esteem”, with guardian/guide Michael. Even more interesting is the fact that of all the cards in this brand new deck, this is the only card that is damaged. Bit funny (and fitting), that — that the Self Esteem card should be imperfect.