Weeks-in-advance-I’ll-never-be-able-to-break-even kind of broke. I’d like to say it’s just the cards and card sets that are doing me in but a tarot bag fetish has broken out that is showing signs of surpassing that.

It started out because I wanted a few new bags for the decks I’d ordered in December. I don’t like to have two identical bags so went on the hunt for new bags. I bought some bags from Dreaming in Color a couple of years ago that I really liked but they are charging astronomical shipping fees now to ship outside the US (understandable but still really pesky). Mind you, I also found the wholesale source for the bags they sell as well — if I ever decide to get more of those bags, I can always get them from the source instead.

So, I went to eBay. This was before I really started investigating things, before I joined Aeclectic and other forums, before I really knew how many wonderful crafters are making tarot bags out there. So, I bought some that I saw on there. Some are just OK. Some are absolutely brilliant custom creations. I also bought some Lo Scarabeo bags, which, despite being mass produced, are actually really nice.

And then I found Etsy. Damn Karen at Magic Realist Press for even reminding me that Etsy exists. As I mention before, I ended up buying one of her custom Baroque Bohemian Cats bags. I also ended up finding the most gorgeous one-of-a-kind custom bags from another Etsy seller that I ended up buying. I know what decks are going in those. I currently have more bags than I have cards to go in them, but that doesn’t stop me wanting more bags. After all, I have more decks on the way, too. They’ll all need their own protective homes, right?

Tonight I made the mistake of visiting Tarot Totes while combing Aeclectic threads for links to list in the Open Directory Project*. It’s a good thing I’m broke. Well, if I wasn’t already, I surely would be now. I’ve had to settle for bookmarking the bags I want for a later date, when I’ve broken even and can afford to buy more. It’s a long bookmarks list. They offer bags in so many sizes, colours, patterns, and styles (including padded cases and double silk sleepers). If only I’d come across them before I went nuts on eBay. Not that I don’t like the eBay purchases, but I would have spent my money here rather than buy most of what I bought there. My favourite bags, I think, have to be the High Priestess bag (just love the pattern on the material), the Swords bag (it’s minimalist but I love swords — used to have a small collection of them but had to get rid of that when I moved), and the Celtic Dreams set (bag and laycloth — who doesn’t love purple?). I also love the double silk sleepers (little sleeping bags, if you will) for cards. I’ve gotten into a habit of double bagging cards, since some of the decks I have are quite slippery, and the sleepers look like perfect little inner sleeves. And they’ll customize the colour combinations. Let’s see — when does my income tax refund come through?

They offer a list of patterns by colour but, unfortunately, don’t hyperlink the lists so that you can easily find those colours/patterns in the catalog. (I know they offer a search engine and tips for using it at the top of the page but it’s still extra work and I’m lazy at heart.) Actually, maybe that’s not a con — if they were all linked, I might find myself buying even more than I’m tempted to buy now. (Laziness wins out over obsession every time.) I also like how they show decks which complement the bags (er, decks that the bags will complement?), though that also sparks my interest in even more decks that I don’t own.

*The ODP is a human-edited directory that provides data for a number of search engines and directories, including the Google directory. <shameless plug> We’re always looking for good editors so consider this an invitation to apply. More information is also available at the ODP’s public forum.</shameless plug>