So, I’ve finally decided to learn how to sew properly, with an eye to creating some tarot bags for myself that incorporate all of the features that I really like in a bag.

Robert Kaufman Stargasers fabricIn my previous post about my favourite bag creators, I mentioned a really nice Stargazers fabric that I kept seeing everywhere. I’ve since learned that it is a Robert Kaufman fabric that comes in the black and blue that I’ve already seen, but also in red. The black version in particular is striking in person.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics makes or imports some other really nice fabrics, including a large range of hand-dyed, artisan batik fabrics from Lunn Studios. I became interested in batik fabrics after seeing the fabrics used by Kerri Walters (Little Moon Originals) for the mandalas on her tarot bags, and Robert Kaufman’s batiks are gorgeous examples of the art.