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Changed over to a theme that includes some of the features that were missing from the old butterfly theme. Also added a custom graphic and am slowly fine-tuning the colours and layout in the style sheet.

The picture at the top of the blog is my cat, Mots. He’s an Aquarius and not too interested in tarot, except to lie on the cards when I’m trying to read them. The picture (in a slightly different form) used to be on my personal blog, but I seem to be abandoning that blog completely so I’ve moved the graphic here. It seems more happy here, in any case.

I don’t normally create resolutions as they just set you up for failure. But I want to make a more concerted effort to post to this blog (and consequently further my tarot studies) over the coming year.

Here’s what I’m hoping to do here during 2009:

  • At least once a week, review/explore one of the tarot and oracle decks that I have or have owned — Since I currently have approximately 38 decks (the number ebbs and flows as new decks come in and old decks go out), that covers a significant portion of the year if I keep to the minimum. They’ll probably start with newer decks and then go back from there.
  • Intermittently in between and after the reviews/explorations of decks that I own, I plan to post about decks that are on my wishlist. These may include decks-in-progress as well as decks that have been published.

I plan to make other posts — interesting tarot news, general tarot/divination comments, individual card studies, etc. — in and around those but I make no promise about the frequency with which I’ll make those posts. I’ll also be changing the blog theme — I like the pinkish butterfly thing, but it is lacking on a number of fronts.

Received two new tarot decks today (two of several that I ordered during a debauched post-Christmas shopping spree) and that got me thinking about tarot journals. Figured now was the time to create this blog as my own personal tarot journal. I know — the skin doesn’t quite match the title, but my favourite colour is purple and this is so pretty that it seemed a good choice. A return to the girly-girl me I used to be. Some day, maybe I’ll create a custom skin that is more fitting but, for now, this seems appropriate.

One of the decks I received is the Mystic Faerie Tarot. Can I say that it is an absolutely beautiful deck? Easily one of my favourites, if not THE favourite. The cards themselves are very slippery, though. They’re going to be tough to shuffle without inadvertently playing 78-card pickup. Even putting them into the gold organza bag that comes with the kit without losing a card or two is a feat.