with maxed out Paypal accounts.

That debauched shopping spree continues. I think I’ve finally run out of steam, but that’s only because I’ve run out of money. The last purchases were doozies.

The other deck that arrived on January 11 is the Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot. It, too, is a gorgeous deck. I love the fact that the cats pictured are from the Prague Cat Shelter that were chosen for their personalities. The more I looked at it, the more it grew on me. I decided to go hunt down links for it and some other decks and came across the home page for it. That was a huge mistake. The version that I have is apparently the first edition. They now have a second edition, with slightly different cards and cleaner borders (the ornate border around the first edition cards is really busy). That wouldn’t be enough to tempt me except that they also have a limited edition (500 copies) Gold version. *That* I couldn’t resist, especially with the special bag that you can get for it. Then I made the mistake of checking out their blog, which in turn led me to their Esty.com page, which in turn prompted me to buy a limited edition print of the Hermit card and the Hanged Man card. Those items altogether pretty much drained my bank account.

That’s good, in a way, since I came across a couple of hand-made decks* that come in special editions that would completely bankrupt me. It’s on my wishlist for my birthday so if I can be a good girl until then, who knows.

Of course, the copy of the Alcohol Tarot that I bought earlier that day (yesterday) didn’t help matters. Nor did the mousepad I decided to splash out on. It’s been an expensive week, on top of an even more expensive December.

* One is the Illuminated Tarot, a hand-made version of the Rider-Waite deck by Carol Herzer. (Derek Armstrong’s review at Aeclectic Tarot pretty much sums up why I want the special irridescent version of the deck, which costs a mighty $145.) Another is the Chakra Mandala (also by Carol Herzer), which costs $52.