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Kept seeing that acronym in forum posts at Aeclectic. Took ages before I figured out it meant “little white book(let)” .

I love LWBs. They’re perfectly sized to fit in the same pouch or box that your cards go in and so you can always bring them with you. Companion books? Not so much. Unfortunately, they’re also easily lost. Wonder if you can get them replaced? I don’t remember if my Angel Tarot deck came with a LWB. If it did, I have long since lost it. Tarot of the Witches definitely did, and I think I still have that around here somewhere. (Presumably that LWB is with the cards themselves, which I haven’t managed to locate yet. A few decks have gone to ground, it seems — I’ll have to make a concerted effort to hunt them down. ) 

Each year in the Aeclectic Tarot forum, a thread is created for people to list their tarot collections. Many are incredibly impressive, both in quantity and in quality. I understand the obsession. I feel it but really can’t bring myself to buy a deck just for the sake of buying a deck. I used to, though. Way back when I first got interested, you couldn’t find tarot cards in too many places in the area where I lived. And my exposure to other areas was limited. But whenever I saw a new deck of something, anything, oracle-related in the local bookstore, I’d buy it. Many of them don’t appear in the list I’ve given in the About Me page because, well, I can’t find — or remember the details of — most of them.

Now, though, I buy only what pulls me in, either because of the artwork or because of the style or uniqueness of the deck. (The Luman deck did that to me. I’m still not sure what I think of it as a self-analysis tool, but I absolutely love the artwork and that more than anything is why I ended up buying it.) Unfortunately for me, nowadays I find many more decks that pull me in than I can reasonably afford to buy. In fact, I just now ordered a copy of the Alcohol Tarot.