While my favourite sites will be in the blogrolls in the sidebar of this blog, I wanted to also include links to other tarot- and divination-related pages. This page is where those links will be.




Link Directories

Portals and Other Resources



  • The Canadian Tarot Network – 12 correspondence courses at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Courses range in cost from $30 to $85 each.
  • American Tarot Association – 100-level courseware in PDF form for $20 (members) or $25 (nonmembers). Audio/book courses for members for $50 per course. Special topic audio/book sets for $30 each.


Specific Decks

Ultimately, links to sites/pages related to individual decks will be on the pages for those decks on this blog. For now, though, I’ve included links to a few of my favourite decks here. Links to a large number of other decks’ official sites are available from the Open Directory’s individual tarot decks page.