I’d never heard of the concept of Birth Cards before.

Sun, Wheel of Fortune, and Magician birth cardMine are the Sun, Wheel of Fortune, and the Magician – which apparently is the one exception to the rule that most people have 2 birth cards. My birth date sum is 19 = 10 = 1, so three cards.

It’s an interesting idea. And I’m not sure what I really think, other than the fact that it is interesting. I suspect I’ll have a more informed and useful opinion once I’ve gotten around to properly studying those three cards. Unfortunately, they aren’t on my list of top ten favourite cards so it might take awhile before I get around to them all.

Kept seeing that acronym in forum posts at Aeclectic. Took ages before I figured out it meant “little white book(let)” .

I love LWBs. They’re perfectly sized to fit in the same pouch or box that your cards go in and so you can always bring them with you. Companion books? Not so much. Unfortunately, they’re also easily lost. Wonder if you can get them replaced? I don’t remember if my Angel Tarot deck came with a LWB. If it did, I have long since lost it. Tarot of the Witches definitely did, and I think I still have that around here somewhere. (Presumably that LWB is with the cards themselves, which I haven’t managed to locate yet. A few decks have gone to ground, it seems — I’ll have to make a concerted effort to hunt them down. )