I don’t normally create resolutions as they just set you up for failure. But I want to make a more concerted effort to post to this blog (and consequently further my tarot studies) over the coming year.

Here’s what I’m hoping to do here during 2009:

  • At least once a week, review/explore one of the tarot and oracle decks that I have or have owned — Since I currently have approximately 38 decks (the number ebbs and flows as new decks come in and old decks go out), that covers a significant portion of the year if I keep to the minimum. They’ll probably start with newer decks and then go back from there.
  • Intermittently in between and after the reviews/explorations of decks that I own, I plan to post about decks that are on my wishlist. These may include decks-in-progress as well as decks that have been published.

I plan to make other posts — interesting tarot news, general tarot/divination comments, individual card studies, etc. — in and around those but I make no promise about the frequency with which I’ll make those posts. I’ll also be changing the blog theme — I like the pinkish butterfly thing, but it is lacking on a number of fronts.

Wow, it’s been an expensive few months since I last posted. I thought I bought too much last year. This year, I’ve bought fewer decks but they were much more expensive. No regrets, but I do need to retire my Paypal account for awhile.

I’m slowly getting a Christmas parcel ready for my best friend. In addition to sending her some tarot bags, crystals, incense, and lavender buds, I’m also gifting her my set of Celtic Dragon tarot cards as well as my treasured Miss Cleo deck. (Damn, I almost wrote that with a straight face.) I really like the Celtic Dragon deck but I also have the Fantastic Creatures and the Animals Divine decks and they all just look a little too much alike for me — even the card backs are surprisingly similar — and I need to cut through the noise a little by removing at least one of the decks. I think she’ll give it a good home. I almost have her convinced to buy a copy of the Deviant Moon.

Am not quite prepared for the time input required to start studying the tarot properly. Don’t have the time and don’t have the energy or brain power. Tried a few readings but feel too conflicted about the tarot for them to be meaningful, half-assed as they were.

So I find myself returning to my favourite oracle decks. If five of the cards and the book weren’t still AWOL, I would be playing around with and perhaps studying the Faeries’ Oracle. (As an aside, I find it minorly but continually annoying that people keep referring to it as “Froud’s Faeries”, which completely discounts Jesa MacBeth’s hand in the creation of the deck. In my head, it’s her deck that just happens to feature artwork by Brian Froud.)

Instead, I’ve been turning more and more to the Fortuneteller’s Mah Jongg. I really like this deck. I’ve had it for a few years — 12 maybe? I think I bought it since I moved here, though I may have bought it in Halifax. I really don’t remember. It was published in 1988 so it was some time since then. Actually, that’s probably a sign that I bought it in Halifax as I can’t picture me finding a new copy in a book store here 8 years after it was published.

I do remember going to a psychic fair here several years ago. We wandered around the venue and I saw at least one copy of the deck/book at a bookseller’s stall. As we continued wandering around, we stopped at an Asian woman’s table because I saw that she was using the exact same cards. I told her how much I loved the deck and she said that she wished she could find another copy as hers was getting old — seemed kind of destined that I point her towards the copy I’d just seen on the other side of the room, though part of me has always wished that I’d grabbed it myself as there have been times I wished I had a backup copy. When I’m gainfully employed again and able to afford shopping sprees again, I think I’ll buy a backup copy or two of it — I’d hate to ever be without it. It’s hard to find but I did find a company in the UK that still sells it.

The last of the tarot decks I’d ordered arrived on Monday. I’d ordered the Maroon Tarot at the end of January and had received an e-mail very shortly thereafter saying it would be mailed soon. Apparently “soon” meant a month later, as it was postmarked February 27. Ah, well.

So, barring any new purchases (I’m trying SO hard not to, both because I really can’t afford any new ones and because I really need to make an attempt to get to know the ones I have before I add to the mix), I’m ready to start exploring.

I had initially thought that I would move sequentially through the deck, starting with the Fool and ending with the last of the suits. But lately, my mind has been drawn to a specific card, which keeps turning up in various readings. (I’ll talk about that card in another post.) So I thought I would essentially go through them in whatever order seems to leap out at me at the time. Might be “pick a card, any card” random, or it might be a card that keeps popping up, or it might just be a card I like — or don’t like.

You know, it pays to clean your bookcases every now and then. I found a load of things that I was having trouble locating, including my wayward Druid Animal Oracle as well as my Karma Cards and Tarot of the Witches (both of which were tucked inside a chocolate cigars box) and the book for my Fortune Teller’s Mah Jongg cards. Now, if only the wayward book and 5 stray cards from the Faeries’ Oracle would turn up, I’d be a happy camper. (I think I tucked the cards in the book after the last reading I did so if I find the book, I should find the cards — if not, I have no idea where the cards disappeared to and that would be disastrous as they are my favourite deck.)

Still waiting for the last of my shopping spree items to arrive. If I’d known I was going to be laid off last week, I wouldn’t have bought so much (damn, it’s a hard lesson to learn). But the packages are nice to receive. I think there are 4 packages still to arrive: the Maroon Tarot, the Tarot of Prague and Bohemian Gothic Tarot, some marvelous padded, lined tarot bags, and some worry stones (amethyst, goldstone, and jade — I already have a moonstone worry stone). I feel like I’m missing something but those are the ones I remember.

Once the last of the tarot decks arrives, I had plans to start my tarot studying in earnest but, for the time being, I need to concentrate on finding a job. That includes brushing up on my French. So my posts over the next little while will be more general tarot/oracle/spirituality posts, rather than what I’d hoped for.

Found via a related link in an old post in Gaian Tarot creator Joanna Powell Colbert’s blog: Corrine Kenner’s Tarot for Writers online workshop

When you participate in this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • tap into the archetypal imagery and symbols of the tarot for creative inspiration
  • build characters and stories based on randomly drawn tarot cards
  • use additional cards to develop scenes, settings, dialogues, and descriptions

How marvelous is that? Yet another thing to add to my wish list for maybe later in the year or next year.

From her blog, it appears that Corrine is planning a Mystic Faerie workshop for February and is considering making it available online. That would be nice. No one interesting ever comes here for seminars. Oh, wait — I could go listen to Dr. Oz and Hillary Swank if I wanted. (Not!)

when you start getting drive-by comment spam.

Whoo hoo!

Next step? Actual visitors.

Kept seeing that acronym in forum posts at Aeclectic. Took ages before I figured out it meant “little white book(let)” .

I love LWBs. They’re perfectly sized to fit in the same pouch or box that your cards go in and so you can always bring them with you. Companion books? Not so much. Unfortunately, they’re also easily lost. Wonder if you can get them replaced? I don’t remember if my Angel Tarot deck came with a LWB. If it did, I have long since lost it. Tarot of the Witches definitely did, and I think I still have that around here somewhere. (Presumably that LWB is with the cards themselves, which I haven’t managed to locate yet. A few decks have gone to ground, it seems — I’ll have to make a concerted effort to hunt them down. ) 

Each year in the Aeclectic Tarot forum, a thread is created for people to list their tarot collections. Many are incredibly impressive, both in quantity and in quality. I understand the obsession. I feel it but really can’t bring myself to buy a deck just for the sake of buying a deck. I used to, though. Way back when I first got interested, you couldn’t find tarot cards in too many places in the area where I lived. And my exposure to other areas was limited. But whenever I saw a new deck of something, anything, oracle-related in the local bookstore, I’d buy it. Many of them don’t appear in the list I’ve given in the About Me page because, well, I can’t find — or remember the details of — most of them.

Now, though, I buy only what pulls me in, either because of the artwork or because of the style or uniqueness of the deck. (The Luman deck did that to me. I’m still not sure what I think of it as a self-analysis tool, but I absolutely love the artwork and that more than anything is why I ended up buying it.) Unfortunately for me, nowadays I find many more decks that pull me in than I can reasonably afford to buy. In fact, I just now ordered a copy of the Alcohol Tarot.