I’ve been a student of tarot and other card divination systems for a couple of decades. More of a dabbler, really. For 26 years, I owned only 2 tarot decks and a handful of oracle decks. In late 2007/early 2008, I decided it was time to increase my collection (that’s “collection” with a little c, not “Collection” with a big C). I bought some additional decks: some that had been on my wishlist for years, and some that I’d only just learned of. (Little did I know it would turn into a minor obsession.) And I made a promise to myself that I would actually approach my studies seriously, probably for the first time. This blog is my Tarot Journal, my exploration of my journey to properly learn to use the tarot and other oracle decks that I own.

Part of this blog will discuss specific divination decks, both ones I own and ones I either used to own or wish I owned.

Part of this blog will document my exploration of the individual cards of the tarot deck and of the non-tarot oracle decks that I own.

The rest of the blog will just be my personal thoughts about a variety of topics, mostly related to this exploration and my spiritual journey.

Why “Card Kitten”? Well, the “card” part should be self-evident, since this blog is all about tarot and oracle cards. The “kitten” part has a number of sources. First, it’s a play on my name. Second, I’ve been like a kitten, really just playing with the cards up to this point. Third, also like a kitten, I have much to learn about the tarot before I can consider myself to be mature.