Wow, it’s been an expensive few months since I last posted. I thought I bought too much last year. This year, I’ve bought fewer decks but they were much more expensive. No regrets, but I do need to retire my Paypal account for awhile.

I’m slowly getting a Christmas parcel ready for my best friend. In addition to sending her some tarot bags, crystals, incense, and lavender buds, I’m also gifting her my set of Celtic Dragon tarot cards as well as my treasured Miss Cleo deck. (Damn, I almost wrote that with a straight face.) I really like the Celtic Dragon deck but I also have the Fantastic Creatures and the Animals Divine decks and they all just look a little too much alike for me — even the card backs are surprisingly similar — and I need to cut through the noise a little by removing at least one of the decks. I think she’ll give it a good home. I almost have her convinced to buy a copy of the Deviant Moon.